An R Package for Correcting Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Data for Drift


Continuous water quality monitoring instruments are used to understand the chemical and physical behaviors of aquatic environments over time. However, the data generated from these instruments are susceptible to inaccuracies due to drift that can occur between site visits. While there are several software packages available to correct drift in water quality data, these packages are often proprietary, expensive, and/or do not offer the user control over the data corrections. This paper describes driftR, an R package that corrects drift in water quality data. driftR implements either one- or two-point variable data corrections based on the number of standards used to calibrate the sensor of interest, then linearly interpolates the correction over the period of interest. This program gives control to users to correct each parameter in a way that is ideal for their unique studies and offers a free, reproducible method for drift correction.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 191(7)
Chris Prener
Chris Prener
Assistant Professor of Sociology

My research interests include first responder work, urban neighborhood disorder, and tracing the effects of place on poor health outcomes.