Detrimental Influences

Home Owners’ Loan Corporation Map for St. Louis

This project will investigate the relationships between the 1930s era “redlining” map zones, segregation, and contemporary health outcomes. While researchers have established a relationship between segregation and some illnesses, there has not been an investigation to date of the effects of redlining on poor health. St. Louis provides an excellent venue to explore this relationship given the city’s historical experience with segregation, as well as our current deeply segregated demography. This project will test the idea that historical redlining in St. Louis simultaneously predicts contemporary segregation and the location of health care infrastructure, both of which are in turn related to health outcomes in neighborhoods. Cardiac and asthma outcomes will be used to measure poor health since there is already evidence of a relationship between these illnesses and neighborhoods where patients live. It is funded through Saint Louis University’s Research Growth Fund.

Christopher Prener
Assistant Professor of Sociology

My research interests include first responder work, urban neighborhood disorder, and tracing the effects of place on poor health outcomes.


Media coverage and data publication of historic population data for St. Louis