Geospatial and Computational Approaches

In the course of my substantive work, I have developed R packages to advance my research agenda. To accompany these software tools, I have written several papers describing their intellectual contributions. These include several discrete areas - geocoding and address normalization, interpolating population estimates, and qualitative GIS data collection and analysis. These papers emphasize the specific contributions of the specific software libraries and underscore a shared emphasis on reproducibility, open data, and decreasing barriers for everyone to participate in science.

My published packages include:

  • areal - Areal Weighted Interpolation (first released in December 2018) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website] [Publication]
  • biscale - Tools and Palettes for Bivariate Thematic Mapping (first released in May 2019) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website]
  • censusxy - Access the U.S. Census Bureau Geocoder (first released in August 2019) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website] [Publication]
  • compstatr - Tools for St. Louis Crime Data (first released in April 2019) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website]
  • driftR - Drift Correcting Water Quality Data (first released in December 2017) [GitHub] [Website] [Publication]
  • qualmap - Opinionated Approach for Digitizing Semi-structured Qualitative GIS Data (first released in September 2018) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website]
  • stlcsb - Managing St. Louis CSB Data (first released in February 2019) [CRAN] [GitHub] [Website]