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SOC 4015 & 5050 - Quantitative Analysis: Applied Inferential Statistics

Next Offered Fall 2018

I teach Quantitative Analysis at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This course provides an introduction to applied statistical analysis with an emphasis placed on statistical techniques that are most common in the sociological literature. The statistical techniques introduced include measures of central tendency and dispersion as well as measures of bivariate association. Multivariate statistical analyses are also introduced.

Like my GIS course, Quantitative Analysis is built around a number of common data science tools and is designed to give students a solid grounding in modern scientific computing regardless of their background. R and RStudio are the primary statistical tools used for this course.

The course is built primarily around a number of data sets I’ve put together for teaching (released as the R package testDriveR) as well as the Current Population Survey and the General Social Survey. While the examples may be specific to the social sciences, the theories and skills that are covered are broadly applicable across academic disciplines. The course’s final project requires students to conduct a multivariate statistical analysis using the 2012 General Social Survey (for undergraduates) or a data set selected by each student (for graduate students).

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Christopher Prener
Assistant Professor of Sociology