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SOC 1120 - Introduction to Sociology: Diversity & Health

Next Offered Fall 2019

I teach a section of Introduction to Sociology that uses health-related examples to introduce the major areas of interest in sociology. For each major topic, like social structure, race, or social class, major sociological principles are illustrated with examples drawn from the sociology of health and illness as well as allied fields like social epidemiology and public health.

The course targets pre-medicine students who are preparing for the new MCAT exam, which includes a substantive section focused on both psychology and sociology. While my course is not an MCAT exam prep course, it does cover many of the basic concepts that also appear on the MCAT.

The course also has an honors section each semester. As a group, honors students select three weeks of the syllabus to take a deeper dive into, completing extra readings in preparation for a dedicated honors seminar for each week. Students also choose a class from the reading list that they are interested in doing some additional research on in preparation for a ten-minute presentation to their peers during that lecture.

Course Syllabus

Christopher Prener
Assistant Professor of Sociology